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independent films

"Untitled" is a character-driven journey of Yiman Hu (胡一满), a young independent Chinese director returning to Beijing during the "Ice Age" of film industry in China after finishing school in the US. He battles with self existential questions as well as pressure from peers and parents.

Struggling between making a living and pursuing his dream, he represents a generation that has to understand more about 

oneself and knows what can be hold onto and what should be let go.

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Adapting the unadaptable debut book of iconic French philosopher Michel Foucault, ‘Madness and Civilization’ weaves together stories set throughout the middles ages, Renaissance Italy, the French Revolution, the 1960’s counter culture, and today, to reveal the how humanity’s many approaches to madness have come to form our world of today.

2010 Berlinale Teddy Award winner, writer/director Jake Yuzna is attached to direct/co-write. The project is a co-production with France. 


In a dystopic America threatened by catastrophic climate change, a high school delinquent from Las Vegas embarks on an existential journey through the Mojave Desert. He must navigate psychotic delusions as he tries to find meaning through murderous anarchists, an utopic renewable energy corporation, and a torturous psychiatric facility.


Influenced by Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty, Inhumane provokes the audience with sensory assaults while reflecting on the relationship between individual and the different modes of society.

interactive film

"Utopia" involves around the story of a writer who is famous for writing time travel stories, waking up one day finding herself to be young mother who is diagnosed with postpartum depression living in an unfamiliar world. Does she stay? Who will she be?


The film will be released online. Audiences are asked to choose once at the beginning of the second act as well as the ending. 

limited series

NURSING is an 8 hour comedic drama.


Set in Southern China and inspired by the community at Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle, NURSING tells the stories in an institution where a nursing home is combined with a kindergarten.


Emotional, heart-wrenching, yet innocent, NURSING takes you through the times when we just started to know the world, as well as the times that we examine our lives at the end.

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